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Evan Bailyn
Fundraising Page
Hollaback! is a campaign to stop street harassment; using mobile technology, let’s make the streets safer by putting a stop to cat calls, groping, flashing and other forms of gender discrimination that are widely ignored! As many of you know, my foundation supports emotional awareness, specifically in children but also in adults; Hollback! is a wonderful partner because we both believe that everyone has the right to feel safe and respected.

I don’t think anyone should feel harassed on her way to work, or frightened going home, but I didn’t know how we could end this harassment. Hollaback! is developing a mobile phone app that will track hot spots for harassment, by collecting photos and stories of women’s experiences on the street. We’re creating a crowd-sourced initiative to end street harassment, but we need your help. Any contribution would be a huge help to Hollaback!’s campaign to end gender-biased violence, and I would appreciate your support immensely.

I know it seems like cat calls are just part of life in urban landscapes-but they don’t have to be. Help me and Hollaback! end street harassment and bring back respect.

Any amount can make an impact. Thank you for making a contribution.

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