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Jennifer Johnson
Fundraising Page

As a Board member of Hollaback, I am especially committed to raising awareness to this amazing cause. And, awareness costs money...

I know that we all have causes that we're giving to. Question: have you ever been uncomfortable while walking down the street or while minding your own business on the subway or a bus? Have you ever been spoken to in a manner that made you uncomfortable in any way? Street harassment (whether it happens on a public street or the hallway of your office building or apartment complex) is a real problem; while we cannot limit free speech in public places, we CAN work on advocacy programs that teach people how TO and NOT TO treat people...

I have a very lofty fundraising goal. I would GREATLY appreciate you supporting this cause. WHY? I know that each person reading this - female, male, gay, straight, nerdy, beautiful, funny, introverted - has experienced some sort of harassment big or small - help us make a difference through education. Every single dollar helps! And, for every person who donates $50 or more, you will receive a personal gift in the mail from me...



I'm very pleased that my company, Shift Worldwide, is a supporter of Hollaback.

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