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Melissa Pierce
Fundraising Page
"Dude, it's totally not ok that you talked to me like that. I doubt your mama taught you to be so disrespectful of other people, so I'll forgive her, but you, you should know better." - It's absurd that my three year old has heard me say that so often to men in the street that she can now recite it verbatim, it's even more disturbing that she has to hear what they say, but if I don't speak up for me, for her, who will?

Please help me raise awareness about how inappropriate and damaging street harassment can be by donating $10 to ihollaback.org. No one deserves to be cat-called, chased down, or have their body grabbed, pinched, slapped or worse without their permission, and no one should ever think that street harassment is acceptable behavior. We don't tolerate it in our schools and workplaces, why should we tolerate it on the streets?

I'm committed to raising $900 towards Hollaback's twenty five thousand dollar goal. Your donation will help fund our anti harassment activities all over the globe. I hope you'll help me, my daughter, and women all over the world feel safe and confident when they walk down the street.

Thank you so very much, together, we can make the street safe for everyone.

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