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Kira Zmuda
Fundraising Page
As a freelance badass (aka volunteer) at Hollaback, I encourage you to do something. Do something to end street harassment. If you're already behind on the Amex bill (I'm with you), don't give money - give yourself. Volunteer. Be a freelance badass and use your skills in the global revolution.

For those with quality credit scores, for those that will give up a weekly cocktail for the cause, for those that will pull 5 bucks out of old jean pockets, click on "donate now". I need you.

Your voice, your action, your HOLLAhero superpowers, and your stealthy wallet will help provide the HOLLAback communities in Philly, Atlanta, Los Angeles, San Jose, France, Buenos Aires, Alberta, and Berlin with the training, community, and technology they need to get started.

Thank you for your time. If you're interested in flying with the volunteer cape, send me a message.

stitches + capes,

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