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Sally Newman
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It's time to end street harassment!

Why? Street harassment threatens and intimidates women and girls around the world daily. In every city, there are women edging away from their harassers. They're looking for sympathy from bystanders, they're making their friends walk them home, they're canceling plans, they're walking faster, they're plotting alternate routes to get home and they're inventing imaginary boyfriends. Some of them are wishing they'd worn something else, even though they know that doesn't help. Some of them are feeling their skin crawl after being pursued by kissy noises, and some of them are fighting off strangers' groping hands. Some of them are rolling their eyes, some of them are pretending they didn't notice, and some of them are losing their tempers. Some of them will be victims of more serious sexual crimes. All of them will hesitate before they walk by themselves again. This isn't the world we want!

Hollaback! Is the ONLY international movement to end street harassment. Wouldn't you like to feel just as confident on the street as that jerk who just gave his emphatic description of your ass? That's why I joined the board of Hollaback! - and we're fundraising to spread the word.

Hollaback! is working with local governments, women's and girls' groups, and an enormous online community to identify and stop street harassment. Part of this movement's momentum involves maintaining software that can handle the influx of texts and emails of real-time street harassment stories, as well as sorting and cataloging the date, time, location and severity of the harassment reported through the Hollaback Iphone and Android applications that are about to hit the market. More resources go toward public forums and efforts with local authorities to expose street harassment and its effect on everyone. Additionally, the existence of over a dozen branches of Hollaback requires training and assistance in creating and maintaining those branches, as well as a higher capability for the ihollaback.org servers to handle the rapidly expanding movement and the various sites and stories that will accompany that expansion. This requires a lot of behind the scenes work, beyond the community organizing and public speaking events done by our more publicly vocal members, like the Chief Executive Director, Emily May. While this all requires people-power, it also requires money. And that's where your donation (even $5 helps!) comes in!

Thanks for your support. Let's make this happen!

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