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I attended the First Hearing on Street Harassment held by New York’s City Council on October 21st. It was truly an amazing experience. When Gothamist asked me to cover the event the day prior, I got extremely excited. It’s rare that I find an issue that I’m more passionate about and I do not exaggerate when I say I literally cried for most of the panel presentations. Emily May of Hollaback! is a truly inspiring speaker, as are all of the other women who presented on Thursday's City Council Hearing.

A substantial crowd comprised of all genders, ethnicities, races, sexual orientations, and ages gathered at the first City Council hearing on street harassment.
Unlike many other cities, and countries even, there are virtually no statistics available pertaining to street harassment in New York City. We MUST take these step in order to create change 1) A citywide study, focusing on the impact of street harassment and girls; 2) a citywide public information campaign that educates all genders and ages that harassment is unacceptable is the second point of action proposed; and 3) establishing “harassment-free zones” in schools in order to raise awareness and support of the movement.

This plan is a possible one, but it will take tremendous dedication, courage, and extensive funds. It is so important to show our support as organizations like Hollaback are working hard to make the necessary changes for us all to feel safe. Please join me in supporting this very important cause.

Thank you in advance for your donations!

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