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Dear friends,

Thanks for not being creepy.

If you're at this page now it means you're already a part of the movement. Thank you. Over the past year we've watched street harassment explode into mainstream media and become THE issue at hand. Your participation has been so important in achieving this.

We've raised some money and we've talked to city council. We want to do more.

1. Hollaback! works. - Confronting your harasser feels good. Teaming up with thousands of others around the world to confront harassment feels GREAT.

2. It happened to me. – Many, many times. Some were worse than others. I wrote to Hollaback, and Hollaback wrote back. I want this channel of support to be open today, tomorrow, and next year--for me, and for the next 13 year old who wants to know why she feels shame and humiliation when she steps out her front door.

3. You already donated and you already rock. – Hugs and words of encouragement and fist pumps in the air and pats on the back and twenty dollar bills in dimly lit venues. If you want to do more, here is how:

4. Raise us $10 more. - You know where it goes and what we're doing with it: a better website to reach the press, smartphone apps to reach the girls, the city council hearing to reach the government. It all adds up to one thing: education and awareness to reach that one sleazeball on the train who thinks it's okay.

Again, thanks for joining the campaign. Please let me know if you'd like to help out in non-monetary ways.

- Violet

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